What Kind Of Evidence Of Infidelity Can a Private Investigator Obtain?

It’s an unfortunate truth that some men and women will cheat on their marriage partner. There can be many reasons for infidelity, ranging from disappointment with the other spouse’s work hours, feeling lonely or neglected, lifestyle changes, changes to political or religious beliefs, and more.

Regardless of the reason, cheating is hurtful, and often leads to divorce. But many spouses may find themselves needing or wanting to obtain solid proof of their spouse’s infidelity before they initiate divorce proceedings or take their next steps. So how do you determine whether your instincts are correct?

Hiring an Arizona infidelity investigator is an effective way to get the proof you need. But you don’t want to work with just anyone; you need a private investigator who is professional, stays hidden in the background, and is deeply respectful of your privacy. It’s important that your private investigator is discreet so that your partner does not find out about their existence if it turns out that they are not actually cheating. Knowing the truth before making an accusation or beginning the divorce process is essential.

Private Investigator Obtaining evidence of Infidelity in Arizona

How Can A Private Investigator Help Prove Infidelity?

Proving that your spouse is actively cheating can be challenging and requires solid proof. Your Arizona civil private investigator will utilize a variety of methods to uncover the truth. These can include:

Online Investigation

Social media and dating sites, and even employment networking sites, can provide extensive information about your spouse’s intentions and behavior. Your investigator will dig into any deeper truth behind activity with “work friends” or other individuals. Is there a reason why your spouse is always standing so close to his coworker, or why is she constantly liking the neighbor’s pictures? Uncovering clues through online investigation can expose details such as when or where photos were taken. The information can also provide direction for in-person surveillance investigations.

In-Person Surveillance

Sometimes, pictures and videos can lead to public spaces where a spouse is suspected of meeting with their lover. Your Arizona infidelity investigator may also discreetly follow the subject when they go to work, shopping, errands, or other trips. Tracking a subject and documenting their interactions can lead to proof of infidelity. In some cases, tracking the suspected spouse can lead to the discovery of meeting places, habits, relationships, and even apartments that the other spouse did not know about previously. Your investigator will carefully document all of their findings for you.

Use Of Technology

Some technologies can be used legally to help track a suspected unfaithful spouse. In many areas, this can include GPS tracking or camera installation in your home, if you give permission. Your Mesa civil private investigator will offer clear information regarding the scope of this use of technology, including what they can and cannot do, and will also discuss the potential repercussions if your spouse finds the devices. In most cases, it is best to utilize other surveillance methods before attempting to use technology and GPS trackers.

Following The Money

Many people who are cheating on their spouse will develop new spending habits. Your private investigator may ask to review bank or credit card statements to discover patterns or connect spending habits with the subject’s actions. This can uncover the purchase of gifts that you did not receive, hotel room rentals, or excessive bills at nightclubs that you didn’t know about.

What Type Of Evidence Can Be Used In Court?

Many cases of proven cheating end with separation or divorce. Sometimes, evidence is required in court during alimony, child support, and other proceedings. That’s why working with an Arizona infidelity investigator can be extremely beneficial if you suspect your spouse is cheating. Evidence is that may be admissible in court includes:

Photo Or Video Evidence

Provided that they can be verified, pictures and video provide solid evidence in court proceedings.

Audio Recordings

Sometimes, audio recordings can be used to prove a confession of behavior in court.


Documentation is typically classified as circumstantial evidence but can effectively support other types of evidence to paint a full picture for the court. This can include:

  • Financial records demonstrating hotel charges, gifts, flowers, restaurants, and bars
  • Social media dating profiles
  • Other social media activity
  • Email or text exchanges

Unbiased Evidence

Your Arizona civil private investigator is a third party who does not have a personal role in the outcome of your relationship. Proof or witness statements from an unbiased third party can hold up very well in court.

If You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating, Get The Professional Help You Need

If you suspect your spouse is engaging in infidelity, get the proof you need from an experienced private investigator. When you work with Aegis Group LLC, you can be assured that you will receive the assistance of a private investigator who is respectful, discreet, and professional. We will provide information without attempting to sway your opinions. Contact us today to discuss your situation and learn more about our process!


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