Which Kind Of Corporate Investigation Does My Company Need?

Professional private investigators can be a tremendous asset to business owners of all kinds, whether they operate a small business or a multi-state corporation. Working with a Phoenix licensed private investigator can help companies fight fraud and false claims or provide information to guide business decisions.

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What Does A Corporate Investigator Do?

A corporate investigator is a professional who acts as a private detective for a company. They are hired by a corporation to dig deeper into specific incidents, such as personal injuries in the workplace, worker’s compensation and insurance claims, workplace theft, false employee claims, and background checks. Their role is provide information and protect the company by revealing harmful actions or wrongdoing.

Your private investigator will generally have a professional background in business, auditing, law enforcement, or a related field. Additionally, private investigators must obtain multiple federal and state licenses in order to practice legally. This rigorous process ensures that your private investigator is reputable, trained, able to maintain confidentiality, and knowledgeable about the industries that they are investigating.

Types Of Corporate Investigations

There are six common types of corporate private investigations:

Legal Investigation

Investigators can assist attorneys and law firms as they prepare for trial. This can include gathering intelligence and research as an attorney prepares to go to trial on behalf of his or her client. A Phoenix licensed private investigator will provide a variety of services, which can include:

  • Gathering evidence regarding people and circumstances related to the case
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Assisting with jury pool research to promote a fair trial

With the information provided by a corporate private investigator, attorneys can build stronger arguments and provide a more clear picture of the circumstances for the judge and jury. This can be especially helpful in responding to attacks from the opposing party in the lawsuit.

Skip Trace Investigation

Skip tracing is a unique type of investigation that helps locate people who are difficult to find, and can be especially useful for locating people who are intentionally trying not to be found. An investigator can utilize skip tracing to track down a potential suspect, locate a witness or suspect before trial, find an individual as part of a fraud investigation, or even uncover hidden assets.

Due Diligence Investigation

While some types of corporate private investigations are useful for criminal cases, a due diligence investigation is more informative in nature and can be used to proactively protect your business. When a business is ready to go public, considering a merger, or looking to acquire another business, a due diligence investigation from a Phoenix corporate private investigator can provide valuable information on how competing companies or specific entities operate, the state of their finances, performance, clientele, corporate history, and similar information. Knowing this information can protect your company by giving you the information you need to determine if a specific business relationship may be beneficial in the long term. 

Social Media Investigation

Social media can be a rich source of information for corporate private investigators. A person’s online presence can reveal their location, hobbies, interests, workplace, political views, biases, travel habits, patterns of activity, relationship status, and much more, all of which can be extremely valuable to investigations of all types. Corporations can take advantage of a private investigator’s skills, knowledge, and resources as they uncover the types of information that are needed for the specific investigation. This includes examining metadata along with investigations of online forums, chatrooms, and social media platforms. Your private investigator can use social media investigation to uncover information that is useful in hiring, worker’s compensation claims, corporate lawsuits, and other situations.

Surveillance Investigation

These types of investigations rely on a variety of innovative tools and methods to obtain information. The most common reason for conducting a surveillance investigation is to reveal fraud, such as insurance claims or worker’s compensation claims. Surveillance investigations will typically utilize multiple methods, such as social media investigation, digital surveillance, covert shadowing, and even recording devices. Only experienced investigators who have a solid understanding of legal and ethical issues should conduct surveillance investigations. In fact, if surveillance investigation is not done in accordance with federal and state laws, the evidence may not be admissible in court and the business and/or investigator could find themselves in legal trouble. That’s why it’s crucial to work only with a Phoenix licensed private investigator who has experience and extensive training.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Private investigators may be contracted with insurance companies to investigate the veracity of claims, especially after personal injury claims. Corporations may opt for an insurance fraud investigation after worker’s compensation claims, which can be very costly for the employer and insurer.

Protect Your Business With Mesa’s Leading Corporate Private Investigators

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