How A Private Investigator Can Impact Your Domestic Violence Case

For many marriages and domestic partnerships, domestic abuse is a serious problem. Women and children are the primary victims of domestic violence, but men can also be victims. One of the challenges with these types of situations is that men are far less likely to report acts of domestic violence against themselves.

Unfortunately for victims, domestic violence is one of the most difficult accusations to prove in court. Acts of physical violence will leave external bruising and injuries that are easily apparent, but less tangible acts of verbal, emotional, psychological, or financial abuse can be incredibly difficult to definitively prove in court proceedings. Most domestic violence cases will rely upon witness testimony.

Although testimony from friends, therapists, family members, teachers, and neighbors can be useful, they do not provide definitive proof of domestic abuse. This means victims, divorce petitioners, and attorneys will need to find additional evidence to help prove their case of domestic abuse. Working with an Arizona private investigator can be instrumental in gathering key evidence that will prove your case in court. Your private investigator can utilize a variety of tactics to gather evidence that would otherwise be difficult to collect.

Private investigator working on a domestic abuse case in Arizona

Why Is It Difficult To Prove Domestic Abuse In Court?

Few people set out to become domestic abusers, but once someone has crossed the line with that type of behavior, they will likely do it again and again. This means that victims need to be prepared to collect evidence and make a plan to leave so that they will no longer be subject to abuse.

People who commit repeated acts of domestic violence often turn the narrative against their victims. Many even claim to be the actual victim, while others gaslight their victims into thinking that the abuse is in their imagination or even their fault. Even if friends or family have suspicions, abusers often have charming personalities that enable them to evade serious accusations.

This can make it difficult for victims to rely on friends or family to provide a solid testimony of the abuse, because they may also be a victim of the narrative. The most effective way to shatter a false narrative is to provide quantifiable proof. This is where an Arizona private investigator can help.

How Can A Private Investigator Help My Domestic Abuse Case In Arizona?

Private investigators have extensive training that enables them to use creative methods to catch abusers in the act to provide concrete evidence of their behavior. In most court cases, quantifiable proof includes audio and video recordings or pictures. Your private investigator will work to gather this evidence to support your accusations in a way that is legal and effective.

Some of the ways your private investigator can help your case include:

Performing A Background Check On The Alleged Abuser

One of the first steps your Arizona private investigator will take is to run a background check on the alleged abuser. Many perpetrators have a conviction in their history that they may not have disclosed. Running a background check can provide valuable evidence of a pattern of behavior and can even lead to past victims or other witnesses who have a strong testimony. Sometimes, past victims have evidence against the abuser that they were too afraid to use in the past that can be used to build your case.

Developing A Timeline Of Events

Causation can be a powerful tool in developing proof of an alleged incident, especially when evidence is difficult to gather. Your private investigator can develop a timeline of events demonstrating why and how an abuser may have hurt the victim. Even if it does not directly provide evidence, a timeline can strengthen your case by proving that the victim and abuser were together at a specific time or place and that the victim demonstrated signs of trauma afterward. Timelines can also establish motive and other key facets of proving domestic abuse.

Installing Hidden Cameras

Discreet cameras are an excellent way to catch abusers in the acts or provide evidence of how they treat the victim daily. Video or photographic evidence can also be used as part of a timeline or to demonstrate a pattern of behavior and may be essential to the success of your case in court. If cameras do not work well in a particular situation, hidden audio recording devices may be another option. Your private investigator will never place cameras or install recording devices without the consent of their client or in an illegal way.

Installing Tracking Devices To Vehicles

Domestic abuse happens outside of homes, too. Placing trackers or audio recording devices in a vehicle can provide crucial insight into the abuser’s activity, and conversations that occur inside the vehicle, and indicate whether the abuser has been lying about their activities. Tracking devices are especially useful for proving a pattern of stalking behavior, cheating, or violation of a restraining order.

Get The Right Private Investigator For Your Case

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