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At Aegis Group, we are committed to providing the best resources available for our clients. We draw from our team leaders with 30+ years of experience in local and federal law enforcement to provide an unparalleled level of security, private investigations and personal protection to our clientele. Not only are our team leaders highly trained operators domestically, we also have invaluable experience internationally.

Aegis Group recognizes there are needs in the area of physical security, however, we feel this is just a small part of ensuring your safety. Aegis Group raises the bar for providing specialized services that go far beyond providing a mere physical presence. This is not to diminish the need for a uniformed presence, however, Aegis Group recognizes that in order to achieve optimal results one must be able to be adaptable in order to troubleshoot delicate situations. Because of our expertise and the diverse needs of security, Aegis Group is able to provide services not found at your average security company.

A brief highlight of some of the security needs we provide:

With our vast network of resources we have the capability to rapidly deploy teams for protection details. We are experienced in providing close up security for high profile clientele from public venues to private gatherings. Aegis Group also employs cutting edge technology to ensure our clients interest is well defended against any threat, be it technological or physical. Aegis Group also uses this technology to maintain close communications with teams in the field to discretely and effectively diffuse situations to protect you, our client.

highlight of security needs we provide at Aegis Group
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An often overlooked but critical component of security is investigational capabilities. We are experienced in vetting prospective employees with a thorough background process guaranteeing not only your safety but those close to you in the workplace or at home. Pre-screening people is often an overlooked or underutilized method of stopping a problem before it becomes a problem. If the need arises, we can also assist you with investigating issues that pose a threat to your home or business.

Aegis Group is also committed to staying ahead of the field in terms of ongoing education and training for our teams. We are constantly adding to our already impressive depth of knowledge in the security and intelligence fields. Our operators bring impressive credentials and certifications to the table that cannot be found at an average security company.

Whether you are seeking personal or corporate services, Aegis Group offers the finest options available today. We work with discretion and professionalism to ensure customer satisfaction. Aegis Group can meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.

Aegis Group provides ongoing training with facial recognition programs

Many of the services we provide are available on a nationwide basis, as well as internationally.

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