AEGIS Group security agents provide personalized protection plans
We provide personalized protection plans including:
  • Developing a complete client profile and destination assessment.
  • Create multiple executive and personal protection levels and options.
  • Respect your privacy and per-identify friends and approved associates.
  • Formulate executive and personal protection on your situational needs after conducting our own intelligence gathering and threat assessment.

We employ “secret service” tactics and multiple surveillance options including:

  • Deploy advance teams to scan and secure perimeters of locations.
  • Assign covert agents as field observers of your executive protection detail.
  • Establish 360-degree observation posting and communications.
  • Implement diversionary measures to reduce traceability.

We plan for all scenarios you have not:

  • Constantly ask “what-if” questions to support executive protection models and details which include running intelligence and assessment simultaneously with your protection.
  • Establish multiple entry-exit routes, this includes travel.
  • Anticipate your needs while you are receiving protection.
Man comparing secret service tactics used by AEGIS Group agents
Executive protection agents and VIPs educated on protection plans
We educate executives and VIP’s on our executive protection plans and approach, including:
  • Train clientele about safety-first tactics.
  • Provide executive protection awareness and training to empower the protected.
  • Review and rehearse threat response strategies.
We assign formally trained and an experienced caliber of executive protection agents:
  • Draw personnel from law enforcement (off-duty, retired, and reserve officers), military operatives (retired and active), and high-end executive protection personnel.
  • Review performance and constantly update personnel in best practices.
  • Child Protection Teams
  • Domestic and international coverage of children – from infants to teens.
  • Protection against threats of spousal abductions, kidnapping, and other predators.
Anti-Stalker Unit:
  • We have been used in matters of extreme complexity.
  • We have been used in matters of extreme confidentiality.
  • Highly-covert, former government agents & police investigative personnel

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