My goal is provide a safe, stress-free, and secure environment physically and emotionally for children when on court-ordered visitation with their parent/guardian in Maricopa County. I am a child visitation monitor that will provide an enjoyable off-site environment for a parent/guardian to reunite with their child(ren).My services include, off-site visitation, telephone monitoring, supervised exchanges, court reporting and court appearances. I am passionate about the welfare and safety of children and I believe it is important for every parent and child to stay connected as the child reaches adulthood. I promote healthy interaction between family members during all visits. Visitation Monitors are responsible for observing, redirecting, and documenting visits. I will provide necessary intervention if safety of the child is in question according to the legal guidelines. I am here to provide a safe, loving, and secure environment physically and emotionally where children are respected and heard. We are listed in the Arizona Supervised Visitation Directory.

Getting Started

The intake interview and orientation to the program is conducted separately with each parent. I will meet with you in a public convenient location to go over the paperwork taking time to gather some information and explain the parental guidelines. I want to make sure we know what your expectations are and to answer any questions you may have. Once parents have agreed to the conditions for participation, visits may begin.

I always adhere to any stipulations in the court order. I also want you to enjoy your visits and do activities that you usually do with your child.


The following are suggestions for visitation places: (excludes large amusement parks & homes – public places ONLY)

  • bowling alley
  • restaurant
  • miniature golf course
  • shopping mall
  • zoo
  • park
  • museum
  • library
  • theater
  • gaming area
  • school events
  • sports arena
  • beach

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.