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    Aegis Group is an exclusive team of highly trained professionals who are committed to meeting your personal security, protective, and investigation needs. From coordinating details for VIPs at high profile events, to investigative work using our cutting edge technology, or a comprehensive assessment determining how to improve your security measures, Aegis Group demonstrates close attention to detail and the utmost discretion at every turn.

    Our Arizona private investigation firm carries experience with a wide range of clientele including individuals, corporations, and government entities, not only throughout Arizona but from the United States and abroad as well. Our investigators will surpass your expectations through their invaluable knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. Schedule a free consultation with our security firm in Phoenix to assess your needs and how our services can help. Explore our website for more detail about the services we provide and reach out with any questions you may have! Our licensed professionals look forward to serving you in any way possible with our five-star investigative, protective, and security services.

    At Aegis Group, we welcome the opportunity to assess your needs with a

    Services Provided By Our Phoenix Private Investigation Firm

    Professional Private Investigators

    Aegis Group is a team of private investigators in Arizona who are licensed to gather thorough information about legal, personal, and financial matters through photographic and video evidence, recorded or written statements, finding missing persons, and investigating computer crimes.

    Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Locate missing persons
    • Investigate domestic criminal cases
    • Digital forensics and analysis
    • Undercover operations
    • Arabic speaking investigations
    • Tracking, surveillance, and technology

    • National and international banking

    • Due diligence and research

    Professional Private Investigators Providing Services In Phoenix, AZ
    Providing Thorough Professional Background Checks In Phoenix

    Thorough Background Checks

    Gaining accurate and efficient information is vital to the success of a thorough background check. Whether the intelligence comes from one of our multiple database providers at Aegis Group or our confidential resources, our Arizona background check professionals can provide a variety of services to meet your needs.

    Our background check services include:

    • Asset searches
    • DMV searches
    • Birth and death records
    • Pre-marital checks
    • Pre-employment and tenant screening
    • Individual/Corporate information

    Physical & Digital Surveillance

    Aegis Group specializes in surveillance services relating particularly to Disability and Workmans’ Compensation claims for insurance purposes, but we do have the technology and expertise to handle any surveillance assignment needed for your case.

    • General Liability
    • Disability
    • Commercial Lines
    • Auto Insurance Claims
    • Undercover Investigations
    • Infidelity

    Our surveillance services in Phoenix provide an irrefutable platform for investigating the legitimacy and accuracy of personal injury claims. Click below to learn more!

    Private Investigation And Security Firm Provides Physical And Digital Surveillance In Phoenix
    Providing Security And Specially Trained Executive Protection Agents In Phoenix

    Executive Protection Agents

    As top rated Executive Protection Agents in Arizona, Aegis Group is proud to be specially trained masters of protective operations for all types of events. Along with their security detail, our agents have extensive investigation skills and a plethora of competent resources that allow them to ensure the security of all involved through a variety of defensive countermeasures. Our countermeasure efforts include the collection of protective intelligence about logistics, environment, and sites to be visited (known as an Advance). Click the button below to learn more about the site surveys we use during our Advance assessments at Aegis Group.

    Security & Consulting For The Hospitality Industry

    Many hospitality events are high profile, with highly valuable guests in attendance who require extra protective measures to ensure their safety and the safety of the other guests around them. When you need thorough security measures in Arizona, Aegis Group is an excellent resource. Our security detail covers aspects such as the security of the property itself, the company assets, employee and customer personal belongings, life security, personal security, and job security. Aegis Group is prepared to help managers implement effective human resources, operational policies, and prevention of theft among employees’ belongings.

    Security And Consulting Agents For The Hospitality And Tourism Industry In Phoenix
    Personal Protection Services And Private Security For Phoenix High Profile Events

    Private Security For High Profile Events

    Take advantage of our personalized protection plans including:

    • Developing a complete client profile and destination assessment
    • Creating multiple executive and personal protection levels
    • Respecting your privacy and pre-identifying friends and approved associates
    • Formulating a protection plan based on your situational needs after conducting our own intelligence and threat assessments

    Highly Qualified Statement Investigators

    Let Aegis Group use their training and experience to gather the results you need for a written or recorded statement.

    When a statement is required, the Phoenix statement investigators at Aegis Group are prepared to get the information you need in a timely manner. Our reliable investigative work allows clients to make an intelligent, informed decision. Aegis Group works diligently whether it is an AOE/COE investigation, getting a statement from the insured regarding a disability, an examination under oath regarding an auto claim, a general liability investigation, or pre-litigation research.

    Aegis Group Offers Trained And Experienced Statement Investigators In PHX

    Our Client Testimonials

    AEGIS Group provided me with an exceptional level of protection and I couldn’t be more pleased with their services. From the initial consultation to the last day of my detail, they were professional, courteous and always had my safety as their top priority. AEGIS Group makes me feel totally safe, regardless of the dangers of the case I am working on.”

    Jennifer Smith – Mesa, AZ
    White Collar & Corporate Crime Lawyer

    AEGIS Group makes me feel totally safe, regardless of the dangers of the case I am working on.

    Five Star Rated Client Testimonials

    We have used Aegis Group security services for several of our top clients. The team of professionals have never let us or our clients down.”

    Gina Russel ★★★★★

    Your company has completed many subrosa investigations for us in the past and we have always been completely satisfied. We look forward to using your services again in the near future.”

    Arturo Cholla ★★★★★

    Why Choose Aegis Group’s Phoenix Private Investigators

    Our vast network of resources allows us the capability to rapidly deploy security teams for protection.

    Years Of Experience In The Private Security Industry

    Aegis Group has the skills and experience to provide close security for high profile clientele, public venues, and private gatherings.

    Skilled Agents Trained In Surveillance & Investigation

    We use cutting edge technology to defend our clients against any type of threat, from technological to physical.

    Highly Detailed Reports & Background Checks

    Our valued clients are protected through our close, discreet, and effective communication to teams in the field.

    Our Private Investigation & Security Company’s Service Area


    As an Arizona-based security firm offering private investigation services, security detail, and executive protection, Aegis Group benefits from worldwide coverage through our strategic partners. Our full-service agency offers a wide range of effective protective services to individuals, corporations, law firms, and insurance companies.

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    One of the most invaluable services we offer at Aegis Group is our investigational capabilities for a wide number of situations. From vetting potential new employees to screening a list of approved associates for a high-profile client, we are extensively experienced in performing thorough background checks to prevent a security breach before it even begins. Aegis Group also investigates potential threats that arise.

    From personal to corporate, Aegis Group provides the most effective solutions for your personal safety. Discretion and professionalism are the highest priorities as we ensure customer satisfaction by meeting needs and exceeding expectations.

    FAQs About Our Private Security & Investigation Services

    Our private investigators at Aegis Group are equipped to handle a wide range of cases and situations. As highly trained professionals, our Arizona private detectives investigate crimes, missing persons cases, the identity/business/occupation/character of any particular person of interest, investigate the location of lost or stolen property, the cause of fires/losses/accidents/injury, and more. Some of the most common cases we see at Aegis Group include divorce or infidelity investigations, finding missing loved ones, serving legal papers, social media investigations, and background checks. Give us a call today to learn more about the investigative services we provide!
    There are many ways a private investigator can assist with suspected infidelity in a family law case in Arizona. The investigator may take pictures or videos of the cheating behavior in action, or behavior that is suspicious and points toward infidelity. They will do a thorough online search to look for signs of infidelity on social media sites and dating websites, such as fake or hidden profiles. Once the investigator has completed their search, they will compile a detailed report of their findings, and may be asked to provide testimony in court regarding the evidence they uncovered.

    Background checks are quite common, such as for potential employees, college applications, and employees who want to work in a setting like a hospital or city government. A wide variety of information can be uncovered with a background check. It can show and confirm any employment gaps, and sometimes the reason for leaving a job. A criminal background check is designed to uncover any felony or misdemeanor convictions, any pending criminal cases involving the individual, and any history of incarceration as an adult. Sometimes arrest with prosecutions are reported as well.

    Absolutely! During a family law case regarding domestic violence and abuse, the family lawyer has the authority to initiate any necessary legal action to obtain domestic violence restraining orders, along with any legal orders for custody, child support, or alimony. The lawyer can also help their client obtain a private investigator, who is specially trained to obtain hidden or difficult-to-find evidence of domestic abuse to support the legal claim. Aegis Group is a team of licensed, experienced private investigators with the resources and training necessary to gather evidence regarding domestic abuse.

    Private investigators can employ a wide variety of methods to help themselves gather the information needed for each case. While they are legally prohibited from wiretapping or monitoring phone conversations without consent from one or both individuals, they do have the authority to perform a legal search of all cell phone records through databases, networking, personal contacts, and surveillance techniques. They are also allowed to attach a hidden GPS tracker to their target’s vehicle or belongings, in order to more closely monitor their daily activity. A private investigator is specially trained to work within the law to investigate their target client, being both thorough and ethical.
    Many companies take advantage of the opportunity to hire a private security firm to perform a thorough assessment of their property and other security technology. This ensures that they are taking all measures necessary to protect their business and employees. In addition, hiring a private firm to handle all your security needs during any type of event including a large crowd or employee termination, will ensure that any actions taken by the security team will not come back to affect the organization itself. For many companies, there comes a time when handling all security needs simply becomes too much to handle on their own, requiring a professional security team to step in.

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