What a Private Investigator Can Do For Your Personal Injury Case

Although films and TV shows have glamorized private investigation, the role of a private investigator is often not well understood by clients, attorneys, and other individuals. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that we can provide services that may be extremely beneficial to their private injury claims. Our Mesa civil private investigators can support your personal injury lawyer by investigating the circumstances and events that led to your car accident in which you sustained injuries.

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Why Do I Need a Private Investigator for My Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury firms frequently rely on the services of private investigators to help them uncover information about an accident and the involved parties so they can build a case on their client’s behalf and have more information to prove liability for the injuries that their client sustained in the accident. No matter what type of accident occurred, our trusted Mesa private investigator can help provide essential information for your personal injury claim.

How Exactly Can a Private Investigator Help My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

As private investigators, our primary role is to gather evidence that supports your personal injury case. We can obtain the information needed to build your case through a variety of investigation approaches, including collecting evidence and data from many different sources that can include:

  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Traffic cameras
  • Other video surveillance footage
  • Social media
  • Phone records
  • Electronic devices

Before a personal injury lawsuit is filed, our Mesa licensed private investigators can find out greater details of what happened, beyond the information that is in the police report. In most cases, police officers are very busy and have just a few minutes to record information in their report before they head out to another call or their next task. Our investigators have plenty of time to examine the information and write up a very detailed account of their findings. In personal injury law, small details are frequently what will make or break a claim. If our private investigator can talk with witnesses or the other parties in the accident, we may be able to uncover more details or even find inconsistencies with their other statements, which can seriously undermine a defendant’s credibility.

What Are Some Examples Of How a Private Investigator Supported a Case?

Although many accidents result in painful injuries, some accidents are more severe and leave e or gather witness information. Victims who have sustained head trauma may not even remember what happened at all. Witnesses seldom remain on the scene for long periods and often leave before the police can arrive. This means their information and statements will not be included in the police report.

Our Mesa surveillance private investigator can track down witnesses who observed the accident, who often have crucial information to support your personal injury claim. Photos and videos of the scene from these witnesses can help a reconstruction or accident expert prove who was responsible for causing the accident and therefore bears liability for your damages.

Another common example is when injuries were severe but not life-threatening, and you were able to talk with the other driver at the scene of the accident before the police arrived. In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the at-fault party frequently admits fault or negligence for running a red light or not following a traffic law but may tell a different story once they’ve had a few moments to process the situation and the police arrive. An at-fault party may omit information or content that you were responsible for.

In these situations, our Mesa private investigator can look into the allegations, question the other driver(s), and find evidence that proves the defendant omitted or concealed information that demonstrates their liability.

Private Investigators Can Provide Expert Testimony

Additionally, your personal injury attorney can call on a private investigator to provide expert testimony that will support your case. This can include analyzing evidence, reconstructing the scene of the accident, or providing an opinion regarding the other driver’s negligence or recklessness. Expert testimony is often crucial to explaining technical information that will convince a judge or jury to rule in your favor.

Working with a personal investigator can greatly strengthen your personal injury case as we work to uncover evidence, witnesses, and key pieces of information that demonstrate why the other party is liable for your medical bills, injuries, and damages.

Contact An Experienced Private Investigator In Mesa

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