Hospitality Industry Security and Consulting

Executive Protection

Security encompasses areas such as security of the property itself, company assets, employee and customer personal belongings and valuables, life security, personal security, and job security.

Let’s take one “security example” related to employee personal belongings and valuables in a hotel environment:

In all workplaces, management stipulates they are not responsible for valuables or personal belongings (handbags, items kept in the personal lockers, etc.).  However, management must take all possible measures to prevent theft among employees and their belongings through the hiring practices and the implementation of effective management, human resources, and operational policies.

Aegis Group can provide the following:

  • Risk Management- Emergency Management Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Continuity of Service Analysis
  • Auxiliary Security and Protective Service
  • Background checks of selected applicants
  • Policies related to employees’ entry to, and exit from, the workplace
  • Spot checks of locker rooms and lockers
  • Effective supervision and control during the work cycle
  • Policies related to the discovery of criminal records and wrongdoing among, and by,  employees
  • Control of people entering and exiting the workplace


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